Laryngosponge creator David Anderson DDS, MD. 

I don’t know about you, but I was sick and tired of fluid getting past the gauze during an oral surgical procedure. So I developed a dental sponge that decreases the possibility of laryngospasm from blood, saliva and irrigation.

Watch my video below about why I developed laryngosponge 

The Laryngosponge is an ergonomically designed to fit between the teeth and tongue creating a barrier. This mouth sponge can be squeezed when saturated and repositioned. The mouth sponge that we call the Laryngosponge may reduce surgical time and help create a safer operating environment.

I use this dental sponge for every procedure. The Laryngosponge lowers the possibility of Laryngospam which gives me greater comfort and safety in my practice. As simple as a dental sponge is the value of having an ergonomically designed mouth sponge that improves safety and lowers risk is a product every surgeon should have.